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  • How to enable or disable CE Phone's IP info at Homepage?

    Issue Summary

    On LCD side, CE Phone’s IP info will appear after the account info automatically when the SIP account is registered, but some customers may not want to see this IP information and this FAQ shares the method to enable/disable CE Phone’s IP info at homepage


    Possible Causes

    Configuration adjustment


    How to Resolve

    You can disable the IP info through below method:


    Phone web UI:

    Account -> General -> Allow IP Call

    Enable: IP inform will display after the account.  eg: 1001@

    Disable: IP info will not display after the account, eg: 1001 




    Auto provision:




    It enables or disables IP address call feature.
    Note: The parameter can only control the outgoing IP address call. If you don't want to answer the IP address call, you should set the parameter of "SIPPeerFilterEnable" to true

    Permitted Values




    Web UI

    Account-->General-->Allow IP Call



    If still any issue you meet, please feel free to contact ALE support team for further support at support.alesip@al-enterprise.com.


    Supported Models

    8008 CE/8008G CE/8018S CE/8058S CE/8068S CE/8078S CE


    Firmware Version

    Greater than

  • Where can I find the phone's hardware information?

    • The MAC address, phone model, and series number can be found on the back shell of the phone

  • Where can I find the phone's software version information?

    • On the “Status” page of phone’s WEB UI 

    • In “Settings->Version” on the MMI of CE phones 

    • In “Settings->Version” on the MMI of Halo phones

    • In “Menu->Status” on the MMI of Myriad phones

  • I can't get the IP address from the DHCP server

    • Check if the phone is set to DHCP mode
    • Check if the DHCP service is enabled on the server side
    • Check if there is firewall on the network environment

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