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Premium Design

Premium design offers the richest experience together with a high level of comfort in use. And best user experience enhanced by the unparalleled functionality and quality, also including lots of accessories like AOM and Keyboard, Bluetooth handset.

360° Audio Tuning

360° Audio tuning makes the handsfree performance exactly the same regardless of the user position relative to the phone. It can be a cost-effective solution for the telephone conference in a huddle room.

Extensive Compatibility

Our IP phones are built on standard open SIP protocol to ensure easy and seamless integrations with most of the world wide IP PBX platforms. We continuously build up close partnerships with our technology partners to ensure the compatibility of the telephony features.

Effortless deployment

Our device provisioning tools, consisting of Easy Deployment Server (EDS) and Easy Provisioning Server (EPS) help our partners and customers avoid complex manual operation, and reduce errors and time.

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Demo Kit Application
Project Report
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